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 Here at BreezeReGenerations,  I am creating Original, Custom-Made, One-of-a-Kind, Mod & EJuice Stands.  I call them Stacks!

     Incorporating items:  Old & new, odd & ordinary, silly & sane  I "stack" various items (of dubious origin) to make them

     unusual, but well balanced. Using: Virtually any material you can think of, or I can make.  Whether you are looking to find a

     new home for your eGo, or want the whole world to gasp when they see your Mod Gallery,  these stacks are destined to :

       A. Become family heirlooms, B. Make your friends Jealous,  C. Become interesting conversation pieces, or D. 

               All Of The Above!!

                      It is my intention to make what YOU want, using the materials YOU want, and present it in such a way

                                                       that it will showcase  who YOU are!!   

                                                                            Vape On  :))  

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